My adorable niece and I have a lot in common. We are both tall. We both have unruly hair. We both tend to be a bit scampish. And we are both super cute.

I thought I could sneak the last one by you.

One thing we don’t have in common is that she doesn’t like TV. For almost seven years, she wouldn’t watch anything. Well, she would occasionally watch kids shows with (our little cousin) The Monkey. But, she would only agree to that if The Monkey brushed her hair the entire time, and if they kept the door closed to keep me away. (The nerve!)

A few months back, she discovered one show that she would watch…

Rachael Ray’s “30 Minute Meals.”

And she will watch the crap out of it.

She wants us to park chair-y in front of the TV and leave her alone. I found her two sets of DVDs of the show on ebay and have 15 or so episodes on my dvr. She even watches the DVDs in her car whenever she goes anywhere.


If she is watching the recorded episodes, she yells as soon as Rachael Ray says, “Now we are going to take a quick break.” That is my notice to fast forward.

She also says “Unc!” to me when an episode is ending on DVD, and she wants a new one started. She sees the meal being plated and knows it is time.

She even makes her Mommy pull over on the side of the highway to change DVDs for her.

She has The Monkey watching it now. The Monkey is enjoying. Though at one point, she mentioned, matter of factly, “Rachael Ray talks a lot.”

My niece doesn’t like Rachael Ray’s talk show. The guests take too much time away from the star, she feels.

The other night on the phone, she made me read every item for sale on Rachael Ray’s website. And she told me she wanted every one of them for Xmas.

“Crock po–“

Little twerp has also decided that she wants to be called “Isaboo” now. (That is the name of Rachael Ray’s dog.)

She’s informed my sister that she wants Rachael Ray to be her new mommy.

AND she wants to go to NY to meet her. So, my sister told me, “Figure out how to make that happen.” Since I live on the corner of Cocky Ave and Naive Blvd, I assume that I can.

Ooops. I gotta run, Isaboo is not happy that she is having to watch a commercial.

0 thoughts on “Yummo

  1. Oh no, you’ve created a monster.

    Yes, I’m blaming you.

    Maybe she’ll take up cooking for you, you should TOTALLY suggest that in a nondirect way. You know, to be like rachael ray.

  2. Wow..Rachael Ray? Seriously?

    That is going to wear thin for every adult concerned in about 5 minutes.

    I’m a complete sucker for cooking shows. I love Mario Batali, Ina Garten, Tyler who’s name I don’t remember but is hot and makes “ultimate” things and pretty much anything in a similar vein…but Rachael Ray? No.

    Oh god no.

    Because she talks like her entire audience is children. I don’t need you to make up silly names for things..EVOO? What? For people who can’t remember Extra Virgin Olive Oil or who can’t be bothered to say it?

    Definitely not.

    Its great that it makes your niece happy, but I feel bad for the Ray-Pain you must all be feeling.

  3. Beth, it’s funny, I am not much of a cook, or a fan of perky people, so I didn’t think I’d be able to handle the show. But, she’s grown on me. And I can definitely see why little twerps would like her. Very animated.

    Besides, I would watch a five hour documentary on female armpit hair and tampons, if it gave my niece a two second smile.

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