YouTube Fun House!

As I began my dalliance with vlogging, I started roaming around on YouTube. And I don’t mean just the clips of old tv shows or spots put on there by corporate entities. I mean the little personal videos. The video replies that people leave to other videos. Lots of fun stuff.

A while back I discovered “annspade.” She was the first person I subscribed to. She’s even dropped in here a few times. Recently, she did a video response to a video by “projectblogsphere”

Here is the projectblogsphere video.

Simple enough. He is thanking his first 50ish subscribers. Very polite.

Then annspade recorded a video reply to him.

Also very nice. Good people on YouTube.

Now, because I’m me, I thought it would be funny if I recorded a reply to her reply to projectblogsphere.

And here that is.

Because annspade was raised right, she replied to my reply… to her reply to projectblogsphere.

No, really.

Are you following so far?


So then projectblogsphere replied to Ann’s reply to my reply to her reply to his initial video.

And it went a little something like this.

If you’ve been watching carefully, you’ll know that I had no idea what a “spricket” was when I made my video response to Ann’s video response to projectblogsphere’s video.

Now I know.

The charming and talented “spricket24” recorded a video response to project blogsphere’s video response to Ann’s video response to my video response to Ann’s… other video response to projectblogsphere’s initial video.

She really did.

Then “Hurtlocker Two” responded to spricket’s response to Ann’s response to my response to her response to projectblogsphere.

Though he didn’t mention me by name.

“sirjimalott” replied too!

And “welcomestranger” responded to projectblogsphere’s response to Ann’s response to my response to her response to his initial post.

Yup. It’s true.

I think that is everyone.

I’m not going to lie… I am kind of excited about playing a role in causing all this trouble.

EDIT: Ann reminded me that I totally forgot about “dejuanp,” who left a video response for the original projectblogsphere video, but is still tied in with this madness.

0 thoughts on “YouTube Fun House!

  1. Good job breakin’ it down! LOL!

    And um… you didn’t just play a role. You were the catalyst for the Fun House effect! I just posted a normal response. You started with the “vid response to vid response” deal. :D

    There is one person you didn’t mention but technically his vid response was for projectblogsphere. He just mentioned you and I (and your vid “Trippy”) and showed a clip of my vid response to you. LOL!

    Clear as mud.

  2. Ann: I totally forgot about dejuanp! I just edited the post to include him. Otherwise he might create a video response to this blog entry, and then it could all start again.

    I see how you work… trying to put the catalyst label on me, eh? For shame!

  3. when i’m not at work i’ll have to run through all these.

    thanks for making me laugh, really hard, out loud this morning.

    your comment on my last post was gold.

  4. Pete: I agree with Ann. Without your response to Ann, followed by Ann egging it on, the Fun House wouldn’t have existed!

    In other words, it’s all your fault… in a good way. ;-)

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