"you're very cute, you know." "yeah."

So I’ve been munchkin-sitting since Wednesday.  We’ve had fun.  And she’s kept me busy.

Very busy.

She also likes playing tricks on me.

Yesterday, around 1 pm, I decided that it was too late in the day for her to still be wearing pjs.  She disagreed, but not too aggressively.

When I went to change her, I looked at the clothes I had put on her the night before.

Uncle Pete: Are these jammies?

ACN shakes her head “no.”

Uncle Pete: Are they long johns?

ACN gives Uncle Pete a “What century are you from, Jim Bob?” look.

Uncle Pete: Do you normally wear these under your clothes?

ACN: Yeah.

Uncle Pete: What didn’t you tell me?

ACN: Tee hee hee.

So I’ve spent the past day feeling like quite a dork.  I’ve been telling people the story.  The ACN has been smiling.

She has another set of the “long johns” so I put the shirt on under her long sleeve T today.

A couple hours ago, my sister showed up to pick up the twerp.  She looked at what the ACN was wearing and said…

“Why is she wearing her pajama top under her shirt?”

I was holding the twerp in my arms, I looked at her and asked, “Have you been fibbing to Uncle Pete all along?”


6 thoughts on “"you're very cute, you know." "yeah."

  1. Long-johns+t-shirts are pretty much my winter wardrobe, seeing as you get the double benefit of layered warmth AND essentially getting to wear PJs out of the house but not making it look like that. I’m on her side.

  2. Said it before, saying it again: Love the ACN and the skillful way in which she deals with her uncle.

    :o) That is one seriously strong little finger she has you wrapped around, Peter.

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