“you’re so silly sometimes”

i’m not a songwriter
if i wrote one for you
and performed it on
an awards show
that i don’t believe in
i’d bring in a choir
from a local inner city high school
who thought my lyrics were a bit
but they wanted to be on tv
and backstage
when diddy is shooting the poop with me
and he’s saying hello
and i’m saying good morning
and he tells me
i like the cut of your jib, son
i’ll be all yawning and saying
i hope you don’t steal it and combine
just a little of your own jib with it
and then sell millions of copies
and when the chick from lady antebellum
asks me if her dress is showing too much boob
you know i love you
but i’ll have to look
cause goddamn she’s a tasty morsel
i’ll feel a little guilty though
when i’m interviewed after
with my trophy in hand
cause i plays to win, yo
they’ll say i see you’re wearing
a purple ribbon
and i’ll nod
and they’ll ask if it is for some cause
and i’ll nod
and they’ll ask which
and i’ll take a breath
fix my gaze off into the distance
and say
it’s for the ribbon makers

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