you’re here

Ever have one of those days when you realize just how awesomely awesome the person snuggled beside you is and how all the waiting is just so fucking worth it that you want to explode in song, but you can’t sing, or at least people wouldn’t want you to, so you just smile ridiculously big until she asks “what?” in a voice so soft and sweet that the very sound caresses and you know for all your wordiness that there is no way in the world you’ll be able to capture it with anything close to the poetry it warrants as your fingers trace freckles on delicately soft skin, connecting dots they hope get them lost for days even as your lips mark spots, not for guidance, just because not doing so would leave you with such regret that the pain would be overwhelming so you must and you do and happy little whimpers acknowledge each smooch and make you need to apply more and more and she stretches out her legs and plays footsies with, well, just below your knee, as your other hand takes up residence on her stomach as it digests the meal you just cooked for her that she ate everysinglebite of because that’s looooove baby, and you notice the duffle bag of snack treats she has to lug back home with her because you’re kind of a goof and like “and” much better than “or” and and you turn to her and she knows the look in your eyes, eyes that want to send you a muffin basket to thank you for getting them in the same room as her spectacular bum and you whisper “you realllllllly like telling people you made me ask for your number twice, don’t you?” and her eyes get a little squinty at the corners when she smiles and BY GOD YOU NEED TO SEE THAT AGAIN RIGHT NOW right now right now and right from the start — from the very beginning — never ever ever have hugs and kisses felt more natural or more right?

Yeah, I just had a few of those.

It was pretty cool.

15 thoughts on “you’re here

  1. I swear to god this is how it was for me and my now husband whom I knew I would marry long before we became best friends and when we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and now we have been married eight years with a little boy whose eyes sparkle of both of us and now we are often too tired for the sexy but every now and then we get back to that time. That time you are speaking of. And it is most beautiful.

  2. I love it when I’m in the sparkly stage, but I’m guessing it’s a bad time for single girls to try and squeeze a muffin out of you! Kissing and telling isn’t half bad when it’s this good. I’m happy for you!

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