you’ll thank me

It was my day to post on PoopingRainbows yesterday, so I went with a slightly different format:

drip drip

I’m pleased to tell you that the site is still kicking heaping helpings of butt. And if you aren’t reading it daily, you are fully and completely missing out.

Here are some examples of why I am in love with the absolutely stacked line-up we have over there:

We are all each other’s memory keepers by Eleni Zoe

Hush little baby by Nila @ SOMI Speaks

Unexpected by Catherine

To raise a woman. by tia

Fill in the blanks by Amanda___C

Missing by Jess Gill

that point in life when anti-aging mousturizer seems like a decent idea by jamelah

An Interview With a Clown by Jess Ostroff

Introvert Incognito by Sarah

on a bit of change… by Kerri W.

And many more!

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