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  1. shine says:

    I always knew there was something about otters.

  2. Beth says:

    Those 5 words you’d use to describe yourself would definitely prompt a message from me if I saw it on a dating site. If someone is trying to take over the world, you want to be with them rather than against them.

    For the very same reason, I am spending time practicing swimming on my back with a pebble on my chest cracking open clams. I don’t agree with their politices, but my god have you seen their teeth!?!

  3. tia says:

    i would never use “monosyllabic” to describe you.


  4. Maddy says:

    Who starts with a w, so i’m trying to work out a new acronym…

  5. Janet says:

    Oh, I’m not ashamed at all about loving the song “Afternoon Delight.” It’s brilliant. Such a filthy dirty song, that sounds so pure and sweet.

  6. brandy says:

    1. You would use the word ‘ridiculous’ to describe you know?? After all the complaining you did before about that word?

    2. Ainsley long term? I feel like I hardly know you.

    3. About Alexa’s question… I better get a shout out. It would be awkward if I didn’t. You definitely wouldn’t have a ride home from the awards show if you skipped thanking me for my greatness.

    4. Lucky Charms are so much better.

    5. I like Macbeth too.

  7. brandy says:

    I feel like that wasn’t particularly lovely or delicious in terms of comments go, please forgive me?

  8. Sediqa says:

    A little boy just told my 12 cousin that Man U sucks. I watched as she proceeded to beat up the little fucker :)

    Also you’re right about golden delicious.

  9. haleyfaye says:

    I love MacBeth, too.

    I just played Lady MacBeth this past summer.

    I love your blog. =] And your novella.

  10. I found your blog today and decided to read through your archives (because I am lazy and bored at work and it feels more like a Friday when it is actually only lunchtime Thursday and I clearly lack a strong work ethic) and you kind of remind me a lot of my boyfriend, especially the bit where your ex Jen mentioned patience as an essential quality when dating you three times.

    And now I find that you have the same birthday. I find this rather coincidental, so i follow it up with another question to those above which is, do you believe in horoscopes, starsigns etc.?

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