You want to be banker? You want to be banker?!?

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  1. Sara says:

    I’m pretty sure Monopoly is one of the hardest games to play as a kid. I don’t think my brother and I ever successfully made it through a whole game either. And banker was always a coveted job. Plus we’d always have to play for second place when the bro lost because otherwise he’d cry.

    Once, when my brother, two cousins and I were playing baseball in the backyard, my one cousin hit the other in the head with a bat. An aluminum bat. He was about 4 at the time but still remembers it. It seriously looked like he had the baseball stuck to the side of his head. It was huge!

    If I promise to come to your site 50 times a day so that you still get the hits, would you consider posting about that one chick who wasn’t nominated for an Emmy. Again. Deal?

  2. Zeus says:

    What is it about that damn game? Is it cursed, being born out of wedlock between Satan and The Monopoly Man? I am but relieved to know that my human pet is not the only one who suffers when that game is brought out. (She is the oldest of five children in her family, and strangely enough, they never can finish a game either. Someone is usually accused of cheating or making “bad business deals” with one of the others or even so much as “using” one of the others to get ahead. Quote: “There’s not enough beer in the world to make that game go down smooth.”)

    I also get into lots of fights with my sister, Isis. However, we don’t use knives or bats; we have claws and fangs. Sometimes, it gets a little too intense – rated M for Mature intense – and sometimes, it’s just playful smacks across the face.

  3. Steph says:

    I used to have three way brawls with my brother and sister. I have scars to this day from my sister hacking chunks of flesh out of my legs with her bloody long nails.

    We used to fight over the little car an horse in Monopoly, and often a game wouldn’t last past that moment either.

  4. Ignun says:

    I can vouch for the frequency in which you sister brought up “He hit me in the head with a baseball bat”…and I honestly don’t think it was until reading this that I actually knew how old the two of you were at the time. The general twist on the story always made it sound like it happened last week

  5. Peter says:

    sara, zeus & steph: I gotta tell yas, that I am a little relieved that we aren’t the only lunatics that couldn’t play a game of Monopoly. now, is it bizarre that we’d be willing to hit each other with a chair just to get control of the remote?

    sara: Did you like today’s post?

    steph: I TOTALLY forgot fighting over the little car and horse. We’d pick what the other wanted even if we didn’t want it ourselves.

    ignun: She DOES tell it like it just happened, eh? I think that got worse when she had the plastic surgery at 19 to repair the hatchet job the first doctor did with the stitches. That just gave her an excuse to start telling the story even more often.

  6. nikki says:

    Oh I love sibling fight stories.

    I’m the eldest of five and we would get into all sorts of craziness. We’d go through kitchen drawers for our weapons of choice, too. Wooden spoons, chopsticks, knives, forks, meat cleavers.

    I think one of my fondest childhood memories is when my brother Dan set fire to the kitchen bin.

  7. Peter says:

    nikki: If there had been five of us, the house would not have remained standing.

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