you should buy eleni’s book

You know that feeling you get when you find a blogger who excites you any time a new post by them shows up in Google Reader?

And when you’re reading that post, you begin getting sad that it has to end?

That blogger is Eleni Zoe. (I’ll always think of her as “Hope.”)

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at her book Hope Dies Last: Lessons In Love. Then the peek turned into full-on looking. And then finally some staring that made things completely awkward.

The book is great.

It just is.

You need to read it.

The middle section of the book will feel comfortingly familiar. She’s taken the best of her blog posts and edited and organized them into a compelling and amazing narrative.

And when they’re combined with a perfect opening section, and an immensely satisfying conclusion (that ties it all together SO WELL), they feel like old friends seen in a new light.

The total package is something wonderful that you’ll get completely lost in.

You’ll learn from her experiences.

You’ll nod (and perhaps sip an adult beverage) along with her stories.

It is all too rare that you find someone who can be completely brave and honest in telling stories about themselves

And when they’re also a remarkable writer…

Well that’s magic.

Buy this book.

She’s a heroine you can root for.

She’s a protagonist with Hope.

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