you can photograph a mirage

This is my 400th post!

What Peter says: O Muse! Where would I be without you? Eyes that create an immediate sense of peace when looked into. A smile illuminating everything around. Whither doubt. Locks of hair falling into position to perfectly frame your face. That face. The inward curve above your hip reminding me that anything is possible. Anything. The comet tail of creative energy that you leave in your wake. In it’s simplest, most basic form, you ARE inspiration.

What Peter means: It’s super fun and helpful to show off for a pretty girl!

0 thoughts on “you can photograph a mirage

  1. Yeah, PDW! Good for you on all fronts! It’s getting cold up in Nova Scotia; glad you’ve got a lovely, warm gal to help you get through! Woo hoo!

  2. miriam: How many blog posts does your actual husband have?

    molly: Thanks! I owe it all to my world class ability to ramble.

    123valerie: Hmmm. I probably should have explained that I don’t actually have a muse here in person — warm or otherwise. Though I kind of like ambiguity…

  3. thats crazy considering you’ve only been at this a year and a half. I’m a month away from the year mark and only at 220 or so. (Ps I added you as on facebook to internetically confirm our blogfriendship)(briendship?)

  4. lisa: Apparently I am yappy. And when I got your friend request I did the old, “Who the hell is that?” For some reason I am always baffled when blog people have last names.

    miriam: Yes…

  5. 400!? Wow.

    Makes me wonder how many I have…

    I may be experiencing feelings of blog inadequacy… though I am nearing my one year blogaversary… maybe I will be happy enough with that to say happy 400th to you.

  6. PDW: Hmmm. Ambiguity and I don’t mix; we’re like oil and ambiguity.

    But, as long as you’re happy and creating, you go on with your bad self.

  7. camikaos: It is really a tribute to just how in love with my own thoughts that I actually am.

    123valerie: I actually don’t like ambiguity in real life. Just in blog posts. And films. And in the sexual orientations of 70s rock stars.

  8. Congratulations. And your 400 posts can now be validated by seemingly every woman on the internet. :)

    But seriously, even though I know you are being “sarcastic Peter”, it still is very well-written. I especially like the comet tail imagery. Well done, you.

  9. Seriously 400? Dear lord Peter, you are my hero. I almost wept tears of exhaustion and joy when I got to 100. 400 seems almost out of my realm. Like when I try to imagine myself flying to work. Or saying no to free beer.

  10. Come on Pete, how many of those 400 possess actual substantive information about life?


    Way to go. I’d link some of my favorites, but your history won’t let me.

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