you are

people are waiting.
you are going to go.
one concern.
a rogue wave of emotion.
you are going to go.
she called you last week.
she did it to “Fuck you.”
not to fuck you.
big difference.
you are going to go.
it is your home too.
when everything is painted with the same brush,
the darker tints win.
it’s not fair.
but it is.
even amidst the flickering lights and garland.
she’ll be hard to avoid.
a zombie of past love?
mask of deserving.
false touch.
a reminder? a taunt?
a whore.
present fears may be less than horrible imaginings.
and yet.
you are going to go.
it’s the next exit.

0 thoughts on “you are

  1. You know, there’s a McDonald’s up at the next exit if you wanted a reason to prolong the trip home…American fast food consumerism! ROCK!

  2. I love how you don’t tell. I also love how a post like this allows my mind to wander into deep, fucked up places that you probably never intended for it to go.

  3. i love how this post leaves so much to the imagination but also says so much.

    and i love the line about the darker tints and the paintbrush.

    you’re good, you.

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