yeah, I don't know either.

“Did you just call me dollface?”

“I was being romantical.”

“Did you just say romantical?”

“I was being facetious.”

“Just be you.”

“Nice tits.”

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  1. JenBun says:



  2. Colleen Snell says:

    Love it!

  3. notthelifeiordered says:

    HA! yes, that is definitely you peter.

  4. Paige Jennifer says:

    Charming as ever!

  5. Wendryn says:

    Definitely you. :)

  6. Angela says:

    They are pretty great…thanks. :)

  7. Amy says:

    ha… this totally made me laugh :)

  8. Miss OverThinker says:

    absolutely loved this one..

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