Writing and junk

The General Manager of the local TV station LOVED the short film fest idea. So, I am currently doing a little outline/write-up dealie for her to take to the board for their next meeting (in a couple of weeks.)

There is even preliminary talk of hiring me to set the thing up. I hadn’t really thought ahead to that, but it definitely sounds like fun.

I am also playing with some ideas for a new short script that I could potentially direct for the fest. Haven’t yet come up with anything that really floats my boat.

In somewhat related news, I’ve been a bit fixated with the true story of a Canadian criminal. I watched a documentary a few years back and was fascinated by the story of police cover-ups and pure evil. I happened to stumble upon the documentary again the other night. Still an amazing story.

I am considering looking into how one would go about getting the rights to the story. He’s been dead a few years, so I’m not sure if they are public domain or not. Mentioned the story to a friend with producing experience, to see if I can get him interested in teaming up.

I’m also trying to decide between re-writing one of two of my screenplays or starting a fresh one. I don’t really have any amazing ideas for a new one. I have one idea that is kind of cute, but actually might be better suited as a short.

Also, an actress in LA — with a face recognizeable to some — really dug a short script I wrote a while back, and is trying to find funding/partners to make it with.

That is your PeterWriting update.

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