Writer's Block or Writers' Block?

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  1. kario says:

    I’m still stuck on “the first time” you wake up with a hooker in your bed…sounds like that might be a source of inspiration you could tap into….

    Anyway, much luck with your writing. I always get writer’s block when I have any sort of deadline or outside influences in my writing. Hope you find your muse, cuz I love reading your stuff.

  2. jen says:

    maybe it’s like my photos – i’ve only gotten good enough to realize that most of what I take is crap, so i’m more choosy about what I actually keep and take.

  3. Peter says:

    kario: Thanks so much! Hooker muses never really work out. Plus, they are not cheap.

    jen: Did you just tell me that most of what I write is crap?

  4. Kukka-Maria says:

    I can’t believe “With or Without You” karaoke Pete-style is considered a bullet worth dodging!

    I just got a Brazilian this week, so now I’m a bald cat.

    Does that inspire you to write?

  5. Erika says:

    I believe our muises may have run off together somewhere. I’m only at a ball-busting 567 words. I’m gonna be one busy writer chick this weekend. Luckily, I have no life.

  6. Peter says:

    k-m: I am more than a little disturbed now.

    Erika: My quick start (6400+ words) is due mostly to me stealing my own short fiction and using it as backstories/intros for my characters. Kinda cheating, but I wrote the crap in the first place. ;)

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