wraps (aka friday filler)

“There’s a certain way that sunlight wraps around a beautiful woman,”
He thought, as he fixed his hair in the overly Windexed store window.
It’s like they absorb it and then let it shine back out through their pores.
Even brighter.
Exponentially so.
And then they come into even sharper focus.
Or maybe it’s just that everyone around them blurs into the background a little.
It almost wasn’t fair, considering the leg up they already had on the rest of us.
But, he wasn’t complaining.
She’d be there soon.
The very thought of which had him grinning like a fool.
Everyone’s had crushes, but she was one of those that you remember.
Ten years later.
She’s also the type that you regret not approaching.
And so…
But, this was not the first time that he had decided to do it.
It was the second attempt.
Well, the third, maybe.
Soooo, this was the fourth morning that he had rehearsed his speech.
He had the words just right.
This time.
And he had on his lucky shirt.
He would not be denied.
He slowly made his way to the front of her favourite coffee shop.
He checked his watch.
He looked south, and saw her a block away.
Hair blowing in the wind.
She got closer.
PERFECT dress.
Closer still.
He couldn’t stop smiling.
“Why is that guy holding her hand?!?!”
He was shocked.
He is not sure what he looked like, but he felt pale.
Sickly, even.
His stomach felt strange.
Not sore.
Rather like it wasn’t there any more.
And yet he might puke.
He walked away.
Never looking back.
Two blocks later, he realized he was going the wrong way.
He was nowhere near where he had parked.
He was frazzled.
But, even in his current state, he knew that he didn’t want to risk seeing THAT again.
He’s have to take side streets to get back to his car.
He took the next left, narrowly missed stepping in dog shit.
He looked up, to get his bearings and noticed a random stranger.
She was wearing sunglasses and buying a paper from the newsstand on the corner.
Huge infectious smile.
“Hmmm.” he thought.
“There’s a certain way that sunlight wraps around a beautiful woman…”

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  1. Great! I like how, at the end, it almost seems like he’s a stalker. I’m being serious! Or maybe that’s just how my sick mind works, but I like how it caught me off guard. Anyway, Molly is right – write a book!

  2. stupidpoppedcollaronhisgolfshirtpunchabledaterapistface! I laughed out loud. Maybe because it perfectly describes every guy I went to college with.

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