word doodles + pics

Many months ago, I woke up with an idea.  And bedhead.

The idea was to combine some of my favourite word doodles (at the time) with cool pics.

I mentioned to Ashley that I had no eye for design.  She told me that she did.

Hook.  Bait.  Chomp!

Somehow I convinced her to take my words, combine them with pics I tracked down and make it beeeeyootiful.

I was feeling pretty smug.

Then Ashley showed me the first couple of pages as a mock-up.

I was feeling pretty smugger.

And then Ashley disappeared to Europe for four months.

She was “finding herself.”  “Experiencing life.”  “Being happy.”

She was being selfish is what she was doing.

She finally returned home.

I didn’t mention the project.  I’m bossy, but I’m not pushy.

Or I’m pushy, but not bossy.

Or I’m pushy AND bossy but not a communist.


This morning I woke up to a message from Ashley.  It mentioned “e-mail” and a “present.”  I logged on and…

It was our project!

And here it is!

I hope you enjoy it.

And Ashley rules!


EDIT TO ADD: HUGE thank yous to all the photographers who graciously let me use their amazing images!

32 thoughts on “word doodles + pics

  1. This is great. I think the one called “sueno” is the first word doodle of yours that I loved; reading it again made my heart hurt a little. I’d never read the Voltron doodle before, but now LOVE it…almost as much as the “Nerd Doodle” one, which I’d also never read. I think I’m going to go do something now that doesn’t affect my emotions one way or the other…

  2. I LOVE IT.

    I want to have it printed and bound and put it on my coffee table and say casually to visitors, “I know the author.” while I sip a room temp Malbec in an oversized glass.

    • Between you and me, I wanted to make it 30 pages or so. But I figured that would drive Ashley to Asia.

      (I was going to make a joke about me being bound and on your coffee table, but it got away from me.)

  3. Finally, dude! I read all those doodles and then never heard about it again.

    It looks great! (Great job, Ashley!) And yes, I would have also paid money for this. But I notice my word doodle didn’t make the final cut. So maybe I wouldn’t, jerkface.:)

    • I took your votes seriously!

      I just had some trouble charming complete strangers into letting me use their photos.

      And your fave was tough to match with a pic.

      In other words…

      I blame Ashley.

  4. Thrilled to see that this eventually made it to a finished product (printed or not, it’s a complete, fucking-awesome project)!

    Love it, Mr. DeWolf.

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