word doodlepalooza2: day 7: the final entries!

Cathy Coppin:

“I really wanted to call you a bitch”

I can never speak my mind.
Not even when I speak to a world
Full of anonymous readers
Today I speak
You hurt me
Don’t you know
I thought I loved you
I thought you were
The world
I asked you to help me
To re-build me
To show me the girl I had become
After he stole her away
Instead you showed me
Who you are
I didn’t like it
Not one bit
I decided to just
Be me
Me bitch
Out spoken
Heart on my sleeve
The only me
That matters
Thank you
For showing me
Me is better
With out
Of you.
To you anonymous readers
I always speak my mind
Today I speak
You don’t control me


Little Fish:

I blink a few times
thinking my eyes must be bad
but it’s still there

There’s your picture
In the lower left corner of my screen
It says you, “viewed” me

Three years gone
without a word
and now you viewed me

This is my chance
an excuse to reach out
to send a quick hello

I thought you’d forgotten
but you didn’t
you think of me too

And then I remember
what it felt like
when you crushed my heart

And then you put the pieces
carefully back in place
and crushed it again

I miss you
or I miss the idea of you
I can’t tell which

It doesn’t matter
I can’t take a chance
I am not that bold


Chloe van Keeken:

I try
to write
but all
I can think of
the lyrics to
pop songs
I have long

I had a dream about us
About you
And you told me
how much
I was so happy
then I woke up
to a text from
my boyfriend

Remember that guy
whose house we drove by
probably 5
maybe 6
I sent him a message
on Facebook
he replied
I don’t quite know
what to think

do I message him back?
how long should I wait
3 days
like calling?

Or is it possible
that he may be
just as excited
as I am
that we are in communication

can you read
what he wrote?
decipher the message

I know it’s childish
but so is this feeling
that i get
when I see
his name
in my inbox

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