word doodlepalooza2: day 6: more doodles! editon

Essentially Me:

i go through life
thinking that i need
to not think of you
but then i will hear
something that has
nothing to do with you
but will remind me of you
and then i am back
at that place i thought
i had left for good trying
not to think of you
and pretending that you
only existed as
a figment of my
but it’s hard to
something that felt
so real



In those three seconds,
his hands around my neck,
with everything black,
my breath stopped,
my heart racing,
my voice squeaking,
i never felt so close
to someone I cared so little about.


M’s second entry:

“I want to kiss you”
he said
and so it began
this playful thing
we talked
we laughed
we shared
we got naughty
we got close
and in time
we got closer
“I’m in love with you”
he said
she cried softly
and held him
in her arms
she fought it
it wasn’t right
they couldn’t be
but yet
she fell for him
and in time
as she cried softly
as he held her
in his arms
she told him
I love you too…

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