word doodlepalooza2: day 5: MT Edition

MT is another newcomer to reading blogs.  Maybe if you are all nice, she’ll finally get around to starting her own.

Because momma said so

life’s not fair
stand up straight
like boys
there’s nothing more unattractive than a drunk girl
wear nylons
go to school
go play outside
give your grandma a kiss
be nice to your sister
say you are sorry
cross your legs
don’t dress like a hoochie
wear makeup
don’t talk to strangers
eat your vegetables
beauty is pain
pluck your eyebrows
shave your legs
don’t talk back
flirt- but not in a trashy way
don’t give your pearls to swine
you’ll never do any better
don’t sell yourself short
don’t wake me when i’m napping
no one will want you now
you’re a little slut
that boy is trouble
that man is your only out
you married him
you better treat him right
discipline those brats
time outs not good enough
they must respect you
they must learn responsibility
you say yes maam
speak when spoken to
say you’re sorry
you’re being dramatic
you have communication issues
you didn’t protect them
they didn’t believe you
comb your hair
you’re a bitch
its always about you
you could do so much better

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