word doodlepalooza2: day 3: J Edition

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“Funny The Way Things Don’t Turn Out”

I did it because we were supposed to
Do it
It felt like the time was about the right time to
Do it
But the right time
doesn’t mean shit
to someone else
It means shit to us
or at least to me
So there
She was there when I didn’t know
where to put what
And what to do with it once it got there
When I didn’t know
how long it was
supposed to stay there
I’ve seen it
on film
In pictures
And it looked nice
Really nice
I sent her an IM
She flirted back
we got together…in person
We disrobed
We made out
And then
do it

not Strong Like Bull

That sucked
And somehow
ended up marrying me
Seven years later

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