Word Doodlepalooza Day 3: JenBun edition

You know what I like? I like those new paper towels that let you select your own size. You can get a full paper towel, for your bigger clean-up jobs, or you can get half-sheets. What? You try to come up with interesting intros. Today’s Word Doodlepalooza contribution comes from JenBun. Apparently she thought it was an extra credit situation and she submitted three!

The Beginning

I will bake you cupcakes
And you kiss the back of my neck
Butterfly tattoo takes wing
And lands on 99 red balloons

One for you
One for me
One by one
“Til they were gone

“Til there was you
You love me the way I am

I am never sorry
You never tell me maybe

I’ll be your baby
The end.

Tis The Season

All the little horsies
Prancing in the field
Monday evening
Fading twilight
Stomping up and down
Grassy ruins
An hour later.

Fuck the Broncos.

Emotional S&M

“I will tie you up,”
You say,
“If I feel like it.”
I will do what you say.

You stay in bed,
I will bring you breakfast,
In sexy lingerie
But you can’t have a bite.

“Fuck me.”
“Love me.”
“Fuck you.”
“That too.”

Emotional restraints in place
“I love you, but…”
“I love your butt.”
Baby, I’m yours.

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