Word Doodlepalooza Day 2: Pocahontas Q. Fred edition

This Word Doodlepalooza post is from an Australian reader named Pocahontas Q. Fred. She submitted this piece and — Hey. You know, I am starting to doubt that it is her real name.

“best pet ever”

Like a 4′ ringleader,
He stood tall
retelling the rescue
to the curious crowds of
art viewing
“I’m going to take it home and keep it forever and ever and ever”

as he grew taller
on our attention
his new pet wilted in the sun
his father stood awkwardly distant

“It’s real, see?”
(poke, poke)
but the dead shark
declined to perform

0 thoughts on “Word Doodlepalooza Day 2: Pocahontas Q. Fred edition

  1. awwwwwww Pocahontas! Your (if you´re reading this) doodle squeezes my heart :( I love sharks..I think I´ll write a doodle about humans pushing daisies…:D

  2. It’s amazing what comes home as ‘pets’, isn’t it? My parents would have handed me my head on a platter if I had done that (definitely the ’embarassed Dad’). Great submission!

  3. Lol this is fantastic. I slept through half a semester of Canadian poetry and probably wouldn’t have if there had been such work in the curriculum

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