Word Doodlepalooza Day 2: AnTo edition

By the second day of any good palooza, you’ve realized that the food is overpriced, the bathrooms are overused and perhaps the stranger you had hurried sex with hadn’t showered in a while. And now AnTo bravely drops in to add this to Word Doodlepalooza. (You can submit something too!)

I wonder when you´ll call me
I want you to fall for me
just like I fell for your world.
I´ll be waiting till the year is over
I don´t mind waiting for you
but let me know you´ll come
cuz I hate feeling lonely.
Just let me know
I promise I´ll be quiet and nice
I just want you all to love me
and I´m not talking about guys…

0 thoughts on “Word Doodlepalooza Day 2: AnTo edition

  1. Is it that you want all of us lovely bloggers to love you?!? :D

    Seriously, very sweet.

    Peter, this palooza thing is so fun! Thanks for exposing us to so many other fun doodlers! :)

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