wind beneath wings blow grass skirts

I slipped into bed, as sexily as any grown man can in hula girl-festooned boxer shorts.

She looked up from her computer with that smile.

I audibly swooned.

She leaned towards me, looking beyond delicious in the perfect mood lighting.

“Know what I want you to do for me tonight, baby?” she purred.

“Mmmmm. Do tell,” I replied, running my hand through my hair.

“Read my new workbook and tell me what you think!”

The internet is filled with stories about people starting businesses, but you almost never hear about their significant others.

You never hear how the entrepreneurs Skype you, in full make-up, cutesexy clothing and an energetic smile, to tell you that they are making a video for their business and will be back in an hour. You also never hear that an hour later they return looking completely spent, in jammie pants, a ten year old tshirt, and messy bun.

And then start editing their video.

You never hear about how every conversation is peppered with questions and random thought burps about their business.

You never hear how, when they’re working, their minutes turn to hours and they wake you up past your bedtime to go to bed.

You never hear how they send you a 20-page document and wait 43.7 seconds before asking you if you’re done reading it. Or how they take nine hours to read 3 paragraphs of something you’re working on.

It’s not always easy being the person supporting someone following their dreams.


But they need you.

You’re part of the team.

You rub their back when it is tense.

You listen to their venting.

You lift them up when they’re tired.

They can’t do it without you.

They’re following their dreams.

You must remember that when you’re napping in the evening, they’re working.

When you’re watching American Restoration, they’re recording videos for their business.

When you’re reading about the Mars Rover, they’re teaching themself how to do something in Photoshop.

And when you finally get to spend time with them and they’re super tired, they’ve earned that tired.

They’re following their dreams.

That’s huge.

It’s absolutely an honour to get to help.

To get to be on the team.

And while the honour is enough, I think you should do something else for me. Enter Ashley’s contest to win a spot in her Dream Catching Workshop.

My hula girls boxers thank you.

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