Why Don't I Like Hillary Clinton?

I’m askin’.

While I am not completely up to speed on all of her views, we basically fall on the same side of politics. I liked her husband.

It’s not at all rare that I dislike someone — and for little to no reason — but this one has me a bit worried.

I have some concerns that I don’t like her because she’s a woman.

Hear me out.

I realize that not liking her doesn’t necessarily make me a sexist, just like being a fan of Obama doesn’t make me Jesse Jackson. But, still…

I think this all stems back to my university days. I got a job on campus and my boss was a woman. A female friend of the family commented to my mother that I would “have a hard time taking directions from a woman.”

She made this declaration despite never having seen me interact with a female boss before. And, to be honest, it pissed me off.

I have no problems with women in the workplace. My mother has worked all my life. Plus, she’s bossy. So, I’ve been given orders before. TRUST me.

The majority of the teachers I had in school were female. I had no problem taking directions from them. Well, no more than I had with taking directions from male teachers. (Any issues I had with listening to teachers had more to do with me feeling smarter than them and nothing to do with their gender.)

I even had a female boss for my afterschool job during much of high school.

I should mention — and remember — that this family friend is a very bitter person. It’s best not to put too much stock in her view of… well, anything really.

Still, it stuck in my craw.

Sticks, I suppose.

Back to Hillary…

I see her as intelligent. Competent. Definitely savvy. Well-connected.

All things you’d want in a political leader, right?

Yet there is a coldness to her.

Obama won me over with “the speech.” I heard that and I immediately would have followed that dude into battle.

Maybe I just haven’t heard or seen that defining moment yet with Hillary. Maybe I should look past the exterior and really listen to what she has to say.

Something we should all do with every politician, I suppose.

I wonder if my taste in women factors into my feelings about Hillary. (And I don’t mean that she needs some cute girl glasses.) I seem to be attracted to women with a certain softness… a vulnerability.

Maybe female politicians, by their very nature, can’t have that. Or can’t show it.

I wonder if it is possible for me to ever be a huge fan of a female politician.

I’d like to think so.

Another female friend of the family was approached to enter politics a few years back. I definitely would have supported her fully and completely. But, I knew the person before I would have known the politician.

Unless Hillary wants to watch the Super Bowl with me, I’m unlikely to get the chance to be won over by her. (Plus, she was born in Chicago, so….)

I suppose that it’s also important to remember one other thing…

I’m Canadian. I don’t get a vote.

0 thoughts on “Why Don't I Like Hillary Clinton?

  1. I can’t get past the fact that she didn’t send Bill packing. Taking back a cheater is not much different than taking back an abuser. It’s a sign of weakness. Does she not have any self respect?

    A president should be a person of strength, someone who will take no guff?

  2. have you forgotten your canadian?! i mean, i respect your paying attention to world politics, but “follow [obama] into battle” … really?

    didn’t our people flee to your motherland just to avoid such a fate? ;-)

  3. amy: Yeah, that kind of stuff doesn’t really bother me. It’s personal. I wonder if I would view it differently if SHE had cheated on Bill. Interesting…

    judi: VERY good point. Figurative battle. ;)

  4. I agree with Amy re: “she didn’t swallow” (wait – am I misremembering? Oh, yeah, it was “I didn’t have sexual relations with that woman.” whoops.)

    I read somewhere that she voted yay on almost all of the votes she cast as a senator in the past year or so. (Yeah, scientific, I know.) That doesn’t strike me as very positive, considering the Patriot Act and other right-violators Bush is pushing through Congress. I’m just sayin’. And I agree with you, she is cold.

  5. She has dead eyes. I don’t like her either, but I’m Australian and we don’t give a rats who’s in charge over there as long as it aint Bush.

    Our Prime Minister likes the taste of Bush’s nuts just a little too much.

  6. My brother doesn’t like her because he thinks she’s ugly. He feels that if a woman’s going to run the country, she might as well be hot.

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