…who doubts what he's sure of

“I don’t have an accent.”
And maybe she doesn’t.
Maybe it is just her voice.
Whatever it is,
it makes me want to curl up
and take a nap in it.
Even though she messes up
Bruce Springsteen lyrics
Maybe because of it.
Charm building a bridge
over an age gap
that only one of us seems to care about.
I wonder if beauty will ever stop
covering up the little flaws in “us.”
I wonder if I want it to.
I wonder if it should.
She wonders
if I’ll ever figure out
exactly what she did.

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No Responses

  1. JenBun says:

    Maybe YOU have an accent!

    Is this about Emily Procter?? ;)

  2. Far says:

    You are really curious about accents eh lol how many ppl have you asked this Q to?? :P

  3. Peter DeWolf says:

    JenBun: Emily Procter… Her talking sounds like singing!

    love Maegen: “I” haven’t figured it out.

    Far: Ha! Man… with your background, I suspect you get asked that a lot.

  4. Far says:

    no actually youre the first LOL

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