When The Voices in My Head Argue…

Stan: You think that I’m going to let you get away with this? Are you out of your fucking mind? This is just the start of it, homey. I got thunder in my back pocket and lightning in my front. I can bring it ALL day long, son. You don’t want this. (Pokes Larry in the chest.) I am gonna take you outside and show you what’s what. That’s how *I* do things. You’re an asshole. You’ve had this coming for SO long. I am going to enjoy this. And when I am done with you, I am going to take your girlfriend. She wants me to, I see it in her eyes. You messed with the wrong bastard this time, fucko. I am going to slap the ugly right out of you — and THAT is going to take some slapping. Are you ready for this? I mean, are you REALLY ready. ‘Cause whooooohooo, baby. I am ready. You no good sack of shit, I am going to KICK. YOUR. ASS.

Larry: Fine. You can have the last slice of pizza.

Stan: Really? Thanks. I skipped lunch and–

Larry: Fuck off.

Stan: Fair enough.

0 thoughts on “When The Voices in My Head Argue…

  1. Does it technically count as cheating if one of your personalities sleeps with another personality’s girlfriend? I’m reading way too into this.

  2. sounds familiar! but where are the other voices? have they already had their share of the pizza? xxx

    you hilarious!

  3. I’m with Miss B – the voices are usually telling me not to eat the pizza while the rest are telling me that I deserve it.

  4. What if the voices in your head have voices in their heads? It all starts getting way too confusing when you need to use math to factor out your personalties.

    Hey, found this site from Burt’s Stache site which I found from Amy’s site. Good times.

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