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If you’re not reading poopingrainbows, you are really missing out.


There has been a month’s worth of writing posted there so far, and I gotta say it has far exceeded what I hoped for when I first hatched the idea.

I suppose it isn’t really surprising when you consider the awesome line-up of writers involved.

In case you weren’t aware, poopingrainbows is a group blog with the motto:

“writing for the sake of writing”

As I do from time to time, I was complaining about missing “the old days of blogging.”┬áThen I realized that maybe we could bring back the old days on a small scale.

Thankfully others missed that kind of blogging too.

There was absolutely a selfish reason for starting the site. I wanted to make sure I’d have at least one awesome post to read each day. And that has totally worked out. (Mwuhahaha etc.)

I love that awesome bloggers are finding other awesome bloggers that they hadn’t previously known about.

I love the supportive comments from readers and writers alike.

I love the header.

So come check out the site already.

There is no SEO involved.

The site doesn’t even have anything set up for counting stats! How old school is that?

Today I wrote a post called “My Town” over there. I hope you enjoy.

2 thoughts on “what you should be reading

  1. Oh. My. Gawd. I love Pooping Rainbows, so much. I just looked at it, and now I’m about to finish reading it all in one sitting. I had kind of wanted to take part at first, but I’m no match for these fantastic, amazing writers. There is so much relatable content and it’s written so well it draws me in. I wish you had a FB page so I could share it with other people – but would that be a step toward ruining the fun of blogging for blogging’s sake? Anyway. I wanted to tell you I love it.

  2. Your post today really was awesome. I have read (and commented, too, I think) every single post since the start. At first, I was a bit bummed that some bloggers aren’t as interested in growing their own blogging communities (meaning, I’ve gotten little feedback from comments and no one has read my personal blog who wasn’t already reading it before). BUT, I have also reminded myself of that exact motto … and, if the whole point is to have a place for great writing, minus the SEO crap and the needs of forming a bigger community … well, I need to get over myself and enjoy it for what it is (and trust me, I’ve enjoyed reading so far)!

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