What Once Was

Even while you were in the middle of it, you knew you were experiencing something great.

But that knowledge, much like the experience itself, was fleeting.

Even when we tell ourselves not to take something for granted, we do.

It’s all part of being human, I suppose.

You know that someday it could end, but you push that aside.

You live in the moment.

The good times are magnified. But, so are the bad.

And when it’s over…

You can sometimes miss both equally.

And you know that there will be moments when the pain will be worse.

When you’ll be in a situation that you shared together in the past and now you are experiencing by yourself.

Everything will seem so different.

Usually not in a good way.

But, you have to look forward.

You have to think positive.

You have to tell yourself that maybe… just maybe…

The UCONN huskies will be back in the NCAA tournament next year.

0 thoughts on “What Once Was

  1. So, who ya got in the Final Four?

    Sconsin, Texas, Kansas and the hometown favorite Ohio State over here.

    The Buckeyes take down the Jayhawks, 71-67.

    Practically no upsets, however. Butler over Florida in the Sweet 16 is pretty much it in that regard. Anyway, like Prince coming out of ‘Rolling Down the River’ at the Superbowl Half Time show…

    Count it!

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