what kind of a dumbass idea was it to try to write a blog post every day in june?

For serious.

It seemed easy enough. One blog post a day. Wheeee!

No. No Wheeee!

It kinda sucks.

At first it was cool because it felt good to blog daily. Now it is just an obligation.

Grumble grumble.


But in a couple of days I get to hang out with this girl:


Look at that mug!

Over the holidays, we realized that we like playing board games.

So this time we’re playing Stratego.

And because I’m me I said, “Strip Stratego?”

She laughed in the way you laugh when you’re my girlfriend. It’s kind of a “I’m just going to assume he’s kidding even though I know he’s not, man, where is my wine?” thing.

Then I proceeded to invent the rules for “Strip Stratego.”

She told me I should blog about them. “It’s completely dorky…” she said.

I added, “…and a little bit pervy. Just like me!”

I laughed.

And she laughed.


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