What I’ve Learned from doing #thepetecast. So far.

There have been 24 episodes of #thepetecast so far! Amazing! Sarah mentioned recently that I should write a blog post about what I’ve learned so far from doing them. But I’ve been so busy actually doing the podcasts, so here is a quick list!

– Calling someone’s voice “seductive” is better than “you’d make a great phone sex operator.” I suppose.

– If you sort of call someone a “sex worker,” their dad could hear it.

– Using a fancy mic makes you feel like a pro podcaster.

– Hand gestures are not super helpful on podcasts

– Editing a podcast takes twice as long as recording one. (Thank you, Ashley and Mikael!)

– Every episode has a different vibe. Even if it is a repeat guest.

– When you are having a fun chat, time flies.

– I know a lot of awesome bloggers.

– Podcasting with someone lets you get to know them better than just emailing/gchatting/etc.

– Unlike with sex, three people podcasting can get a little awkward. (Talking at the same time.)

– It’s a great way to bond with strangers.

– I love fun accents!

– People have a lot of opinions about blogging. And dating.

And in case you’ve missed one:

#1 Mikael

#2 Sarah (metamorphocity.com)

#3 Ameena

#4 katieblogs

#5 Cassie

#6 Kristin

#7 Jenn

#8 Eleni

#9 Lauren

#10 sarahdotcom

#11 Amanda Rae (amandaraewashere.com)

#12 Swappy Joe

#13 Drea

#14 Ben

#15 Derek

#16 Ashley (writetoreach) Riordan

#17 Tony Pierce

#18 raihanaaaa

#19 Joey

#20 Ian

#21 “y’all are a mess” edition! — with Kristin!

#22 Peter and Sarah teach you about Canada!

#23 Drea and Peter recap the first episode of The Bachelorette!

#24 Brandon/SO@24

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