What is your type, Peter?

brandy and I have the e-mail exchange of the century going on. Honestly, it could be a STOG of it’s own. People would come from far and wide to read it and to bask in the glory that is us.

Or it’s pretty mundane and we are just full of ourselves.

Ehhh. Either way.

In last night’s exchange of genius, I mentioned that someone wasn’t really “my type.” And even though I didn’t anticipate that follow-up question, she asked what my type was. I gave it some thought and answered as best I could:

“My type is smart, funny, clever, sweet, warm, sexy (though she isn’t completely aware), a little crazy, emotional, passionate, adores me, loyal, trust worthy, open-minded and I can see her being my best friend.”

I think that is pretty close to what I had in my mind. But I later realized that I should have consulted an expert. One who has a PhD in Peteology…

The delightful ex.

There are other exes, of course, but they don’t really count. (Well, they count in the world, just not on this blog.)

The delightful ex = jen.  She is responsible for this.

She’s… OK. We like her.

And, as if she knew I was thinking about her, she IM’d me.

Jen: there’s a new thing
i channel my inner pete when i chat on it
Peter: what is your “inner pete?”
Jen: like when someone asks if i am lovely
i say “I am fairly lovely”
Peter: i am a good influence on you

Then she shared this exchange with me:

Stranger: what now, ho?
Jen: what ho!
Jen: well met, stranger
Stranger: FUCK
Stranger: i don’t know dude
Jen: pray, what is this kerfuffel
Jen: unburden thine heart upon my willing ears
Jen: and let thine soar to the heavens with the lightness thereby bestowed
Stranger: dude you’re an asshole
Stranger: like seriously
Jen: thou hast wounded me to the quick, sirrah
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

And then to me:

Jen: i am so great

And then there was this one:

Stranger: Sup
Jen: nothing much. free night in. you?
Stranger: Same
Stranger: Asl
Jen: 113/monkey/antarctica
Jen: you?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

And, of course, this:

Stranger: are you victoria
Jen: nope.
Jen: are you?
Stranger: nope
Jen: well then.
Jen: my work here is done.
Stranger: asl?
Jen: don’t you think it’s so much more important to get to know the person inside?
Stranger: yea sure
Jen: the soul, as it were?
Jen: excellent
Jen: do you have a dream?
Stranger: yea
Stranger: do you?
Jen: i’m sort of searching for mine. what’s yours?
Stranger: to be an alpha male
Stranger: you?
Jen: wow. and then what?
Jen: me, i think my dream is to find contentment with life as it truly is, not how i wish it to be.
Stranger: how are you gunna do that
Jen: i think it’s something you find only towards the end of your life, when you realize wishing for things to be different doesn’t make them so
Jen: what’s one thing in your life that makes you feel thankful?
Stranger: i dunno
Jen: you can’t name one thing?
Stranger: nope
Stranger: you?
Jen: like someone who loves you, or a food you like, or a beautiful place?
Stranger: yea that would work
Jen: so what is it
Stranger: my friends love me, i love many different kinds of food and beatiful places can be found everywhere
Jen: now you are a person with a positive attitude.
Stranger: ok
Jen: you wish i was victoria don’t you
Stranger: nah
Stranger: im just horny thats all
Jen: it will pass, like all other things.
Stranger: yea
Stranger: im gunna visit BU
Stranger: and some other college
Jen: that’s a great school
Jen: you think you’ll get in?
Stranger: yea
Jen: you better refine your dream before your interview
Jen: i think they’re already full up with alpha males
Stranger: lol
Stranger: ill take care of it no worries
Jen: ok… you know how i worry.

Wondering how she got that way?

Peter: can i quote your omegle experience from last night, if I write a short post about how adorable you are?
Jen: of course
Peter: it may also be a little about how adorable i am

17 thoughts on “What is your type, Peter?

  1. I think Jen and I might be the same person. I’m not sure. I’ve used the ‘asl’ response line of: 20/m/f/alabama before. Haven’t gone into the animal realm.

    Note to self: explore my nature side.

  2. I have no idea what “asl” means, or exactly what it says about Peter’s type, but I’d sort of like to chat with Jen always.

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