what is love?

Love is unruly hair and sleepy eyes.

Love is that thing that drives you absolutely batty about them, but you’d miss immediately if they stopped doing it.

Love is a back rub with tired fingers..

Love is standing in front of you. Taking the blows from panic’s worst attack.

Love is humble words, jotted down by a hand that’s more shy than it wants people to know.

Love is walking between you and traffic.

Love is holding doors.

Love doesn’t give a fuck about the time. If you need love, it’s there.

Day or night.

Love sees you.

Love sees you.

I think we should–


I think we have the duty to embrace love.

To feed love.

To fight for love.

We have to go down swinging for love.

Then get right back up and swing some more.

Cynicism is no match for love.


Tell romantics to “get a room” and they’ll have the do not disturb up so damn quickly.

You don’t want the room next to love.

Love will outlive you

It’ll outlive me.

But it can’t live without we.

Pinterest can’t show you what love is.

Love is messy.

Love is imperfect.

Love is beauty in the flaws.

Love is at its most undeniable when you try to deny it.

So why do it?

Love isn’t a game.

Love is your life’s work.

Love is facing the world together.

It’s you.

It’s me.

It’s taking our shot.

At greatness.

At forever.

Love is not an obstacle to the life you want.

It is the only fuel for the journey.

It is the headlights in the dark.

It is the net to catch you when you fail.

Love reminds you that setbacks are temporary, and that you’re unstoppable.

Love, at its best, is indescribable.

But I want to spend forever trying.

With you.



photo credit: Auzigog via photopin cc

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