What I'm listening to today: Taking it back to 2000 Edition

Last night I went to see (and video) The Monkey blowing out her candles.   She had been busy playing outside with her friends, and was gracious enough to grant us a few minutes of her time.

As pieces of cake were being handed out, she stood in front of me in the kitchen and stared up at me.  I smiled back.  She said, “Peter, your hair is really long now…  you should get that cut.”  And turned back to her guests.

Her uncle got it even worse.  At one point, she yelled, “Yooooou…  jackass!” at him.  Granted he had eaten part of her name (in frosting) before she got there and covered his misdeed with a beer cap.

Phoenix – “If I Ever Feel Better”

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  1. sjane7272 says:

    I love the Monkey! Happy Birthday little lady!

  2. Hahaha. I could probably teach that girl a thing or two… We’d get along juuuuust fine.

  3. Thrice says:

    Aw! I heart The Monkey :D

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