What I'm listening to today: "Snow on April 14th???" edition

Sometimes I check my traffic stats for this blog. Not often, but sometimes it is a fun procrastinatey thing to do. Lately I’ve been noticing that my “About” page gets quite a few hits.

“That’s pretty neat,” I thought. Because the voice in my head is that of a teen in the 1950s.

And NO I wasn’t a teen in the 1950s. Saucy bastards.

Then I realized that I still haven’t written an “About” section.


All I have on that page is my email address. I figured people could e-mail me if they have any questions, suggestions, manifestos, love letters to share.

I’ve thought about writing something. Many times. But then I can never decide if I want to go funny, semi-funny or just copy and paste Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s bio from Wiki.

It’s quite a pickle. (That’s what she said!)

(Are we still doing TWSS jokes?)

(Yes. Yes we are.)

Wanna write the “About” section for me? You can each do a paragraph…

What was the point of this post?


This is what I’m listening to today:

“Adult Sized Skeletal” – Noah’s Ark Was A SpaceShip

Go. Listen.

13 thoughts on “What I'm listening to today: "Snow on April 14th???" edition

  1. Ugh, I hate the “About Me” page. I feel an overwhelming pressure to be clever and I can never deliver. So mine is pretty boring. Maybe it’s better to just leave it blank and be mysterious.

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