what i want, future wife


I want to kiss you.

A lot.


Right now.

I want to try to find the exact perfect moment, you know, before realizing I am not controlling this.

And that I don’t want to.

That fate and momentum and love are driving.

My hands trying to get lost in your hair.

Our bodies finding their standing fit.

I bend over.

You tip toe it right up.

And our lips meet.

Just for a few moments.

To feel the explosion of energy.

Then we pull apart.

A little.

Our eyes lock.

Mine ask if you feel it too.

Yours tell me you could go for a snack, but that, yes, you feel it too.

And then we kiss.


We really kiss.

The first of so many.

I want to call you ridiculous pet names after we kiss.

The ones that you can tell aren’t planned.

And that get increasingly silly over time.

I hope that’s ok, little bear.

I want to kiss you when you’re sick.

You sneeze miles away from me and I text a “bless you.”

And when you get home and crumple in to me, I lead you to the couch, and brush your hair out of your sadsickyface. I smile with compassion and lean in.

“You’ll get sick too,” you protest weakly.

“I wonder if my affinity for line symmetry is why I’m an ass man,” I reply.

You blink.

“Oh,” I continue, “I thought we were both saying things that don’t matter.”

And then I kiss you.



I want to be facing spoons.

You and me.

Our baby between us.


I nearly jump out of bed anytime either of you so much as flinch in perceived discomfort.

I kiss the baby’s noggin while I play with your hair.

Our eyes lock.

Mine don’t have any more questions.

Yours tell me everything.



photo credit: mohammadali via photopin cc

13 thoughts on “what i want, future wife

  1. Wow, I’m so jealous of future wife. You’re post described everything I ever wanted out of my marriage, and everything I didn’t get. So I’m jealous, and sad, and thank you for letting me know that there are guys like you out there. She’s a very lucky girl.

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