What happens when Peter forgets the punchline?

This time as he stared into the abyss…

The abyss stared back at him.

He had experienced fear before.

He got caught up in a drugstore robbery gone bad. He just wanted dandruff shampoo and ended up with a gun stuck in his face.

He didn’t know if he’d get out of that one alive.

Yet, he was more scared this time.

He once gave a speech in front of 2500 people. He was unprepared, through no fault of his own, and his knees knocked the entire time.

This was worse.

On a trip to Australia, a poisonous snake bit his leg. He just barely got the antidote on time.

He longed to be back in that moment again.

This was so much different. So much more trecherous. One false move and —

I asked you how my ass looked in these jeans.

“It looks… good?”

She just stared at him.

“Great. It looks great.”

The icey stare continued.


She seemed to be getting angrier.

“It’s never, ever looked better.”

Her eyes narrowed.

Are you saying it usually looks terrible?

“I went one too far didn’t I?”

Hand on hip joined the icey stare.

“I’m just going to go sleep on the couch.”

0 thoughts on “What happens when Peter forgets the punchline?

  1. Ah yes, the escalation that never leads anywhere good. Sometimes I just go straight to the last answer and resign myself to my fate with the least effort put into it.

  2. You’re supposed to say how hot they make her look. Unless of course they don’t, in which case she wouldn’t show them to you.

  3. james: Plus most couches are near the biggest TV in the house. ;)

    eve: I would have made it very clear. The dude in the post is clueless though. Plus, I totally lost track of where I was going with it. I was going to end it with a joke about a game of Battleship. No, really.

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