What About Peter?

“What about Brian?” isn’t necessarily the kind of show that I would normally watch. It didn’t premiere in September, which immediately gives me pause. And the whole “I’m in love with my best friend’s girl” thing? Didn’t Chandler and Joey pretty much write the book on that 6 or 7 years ago?

Plus, the pilot ran Sunday evening after I had just watched “The West Wing” and “Sopranos.”

The former is enjoying a rejuvenation this season. It is too bad that it is ending it’s run. I think a Jimmy Smits lead spin-off could make some real noise for an NBC line-up that has seen better days. Sadly, I was a latecomer to “The West Wing.” As a Canadian, I found it hard to get behind a show about American politics. And Aaron Sorken’s drug-fueled rapidfire dialogue was a bit much for me. (This was before I fell in love with “Sports Night.”) However, I’ve watched the last 3 or 4 seasons and loved every episode. Now if someone had told me that Danica McKellar would eventually guest-star, I probably would have been an early adopter.

And the latter… Now that the dream/coma sequences are over, and Brokeback Vito is on the run, things are exciting again in New Jersey.

But, because I am a TV junkie, I watched “What About Brian?” I blame it on the “… from the creator of ‘Lost'” voiceover in the ads.

I get what the creator was going for… a group of friends at various stages of relationships, as seen through the eyes of the only single member of the group.

That almost sounds interesting.

We have: the couple that are engagd, the couple that are married and trying for a kid, and the couple that already have three kids and haven’t had sex since the Reagen administration. (See? I’ve warmed to American politics.)

I’m not sure how I feel about the couples though. The engaged couple features a bland, pretty boy lawyer, with slutball tendencies, and a hot, sweet, football-loving, doctor/super woman. She seems way too good for him and — actually that is fairly realistic.

The couple trying to have a kid is the oldest Arquette sister paired up with a actor or model or gigolo of Spanish extraction. The dude is much younger. After two episodes, they already seem out of place and destined to fade even further into the background.

And the sexless parents, well, the wife has already broached the subject of an open marriage. Personally, I’d “open” the door, kick her ass out and find the best divorce lawyer around. But, she is considerably hotter than him. Not to mention the mother of his kids, blah blah blah…

Finally, we must ask ourselves, “What about Brian?”

Ohhhhhhhhhh…. NOW I get the title.

Brian is my age. Like me, he is also single and all his friends are married or getting there…

Hmmm. I’m not sure I like where this is going.

Unlike me, Brian is in love with his best friend’s fiancee. That is not cool. Not cooler still is that he kisses her! Dude… come on.

Rules change over time. For example, in the middle ages, it was not considered a major crime to kill a traveling musician. (This is why Kenny G. is so thankful to have not been born earlier.) But, one rule that will NEVER change is that you don’t rub another man’s rhubarb.

You just don’t.

And that dick move alone kind of ruined the show for me.

I’ll probably give it another shot. The TV addiction and all… But, I am rather meh on the first two episodes. Amy-Jo Johnson looking about 63 years old didn’t help either.

I did enjoy the music though. Actually, because of the pilot, I’ve been singing The Who’s “Teenage Wasteland” all week. ALL week.


2 thoughts on “What About Peter?

  1. Amy jo Johnson is adorable you fuckwit, she looks amazing how could you say she looks 63? She is my favorite female actress, and is 10 times sexier than any actress on tv or in films.

  2. Noted: Never watch this show. Whenever someone uses the cheating thing, however realistic the outcome, it makes me rage from both a viewer and subpar writer’s (who is also self-deprecating ;D ) point of view. COME UP WITH ANOTHER IDEA. Goodness.

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