well they’re just silly, future wife

Hi, love.

Did you know that people actually say “you’re being overly romantic” to other folks?

Out loud. To their face.

Is that really a thing?

That’s like “you ordered too much pizza.” If you can pay for it, and it doesn’t collapse the foundation of your house, IT IS NEVER TOO MUCH PIZZA.

And there is never too much romance.


I can’t imagine that anyone anywhere, ever, sat on a porch swing in their 80s and smiled thinking about the days they were practical.

About when they only bought things on sale.

About when they paid their taxes on time.

Or about how delicious that fiber was.

Maybe being a romantic can mess up your relationship or career or whatever, but aren’t they yours to mess up?

I’d always rather break my heart, or bank account, while swinging for the fences.

Every. Goddamn. Time.

Life isn’t about bunting.

I want to have mashed potato snowball fights in the kitchen. I want to set my alarm for 4 am to get up together to watch a lunar eclipse. I want to kiss you awake when the alarm doesn’t take. I want to make out – like, REALLY make out – in the pouring rain. And then do the Snoopy happy dance in a puddle. I want to get thrown out of a clothing store for joining you in a change room. I want to skinny dip. I want to give you a thoughtful present on a random Wednesday that makes you cry happy tears all over my shirt. Pillow or blanket forts in the living room! I want to spray you with the kitchen sink sprayer thing after you put suds on my nose. I want to push you all around a grocery story while you’re sitting in the cart. I want to grab the microphone dealie and request a price check on “this sweet, sweet booty.”

And the next week I want to do even more!

I haven’t done enough of those things.

I want to do them all with you.

Love, you can always learn to be more responsible.

To be more grown up.

To be more logical.

And, yeah, more practical.

But you can’t learn to be more magical.

You have it or you don’t.

And maybe it’s silly.

And maybe it’s stupid.

But isn’t it the ideal, most fucking awesome thing ever, to find the right person to be stupid with?

We’re going to have a lot of fun, you and me.






photo credit: Sebastian Anthony via photopin cc

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