Weekend with the ACN!


The ACN was here making her pre-Christmas visit. We decorated the tree. She loved that and she was very helpful. She carried all the presents to the tree for me too.

She did not, however, like it when I wasn’t moving fast enough for her.

Uncle Pete: Are you a patient little girl?

ACN shakes her head “no.”

Uncle Pete: Are you going to be more patient when you get older?

ACN: Yeeeah.

If I took a break from any of our activites, she’d yell, “Unc!”


As I snooped under the tree at some of the presents that were for me, I tried to guess what they were.

Uncle Pete: Hmmmm. Hey munchkin pants, this feels like a dvd set of “The Wire.” Is that what it is?

ACN: Yeah!

Uncle Pete: Coooooooool. (Grabbing another gift.) This feels like one of those daily desk calendar dealies. Maybe “The Far Side.” Is it?

ACN: Yeeeeeah!

Uncle Pete: Really?

Then Uncle Pete gets a bit suspicious.

Uncle Pete: Is this one a pair of pink panties for Unc?

ACN: YEAH!!!!!!

Uncle Pete: Hey, are you tricking Uncle Pete?

ACN giggles and giggles.

And sometimes, it would seem, ACNs find it VERY funny when Uncle Petes have to fix “a reindeer’s bum” on her grandparents’ lawn.

And Nipper was here too.


This was just before Nipper wrapped her front paws around ACN’s shoulders and started giving her kisses.

It’s hard to tell in this pic from her Christmas concert las tweek, but the ACN is holding the jingle bells, which she played during the songs that her class performed.


0 thoughts on “Weekend with the ACN!

  1. At first I thought she was throwin’ down the “W” for West Si-ide! :P

    She really is too cute. However, the way Santa’s peeking in the window is a little creepy. The midgets had that same background for their pic a couple years back and the youngest was literally scared the first time she saw the picture.

  2. I agree with Sara about Santa in the photo. I think I’m going to have nightmares!

    I think the only gift ACN was not kidding about was the pink panties. I hope they fit!

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