Wednesday word doodle

She sat staring at the gorgeous and delicious-looking cake.
“At least it won’t be with me for long.”
She had made it for a party.
And it was being picked up soon.
As she wiped her hands on her super cute apron,
She felt proud of what she had accomplished.
“Thank you,!”
But, it wasn’t exactly a smooth baking process.
Chocolate Angel Food Cake SOUNDED easy enough.
Even for a girl that, as a child, used her Easy Bake Oven to warm her socks.
After a trip to the store, she had all of her ingredients.
“Who keeps pure almond extract in the house?”
And it was messy.
She somehow managed to dirty dishes that were only innocent bystanders.
“Collateral cake damage. It’s sweeping the nation.”
There were missteps.
“Cocoa powder in the eye! Cocoa powder in the eye!”
There were calls home to her mother.
“What the fuck does a ‘stiff glossy peak’ look like??”
There were apologies.
“I’m sorry that I said ‘fuck,’ mom.”
But, finally…
There was a cake.
A brown, gorgeous mound of goodness.
She called it Taye Diggs.
She was very proud of herself.

And then she grabbed a fork.

She sat staring at the crumbs of a once gorgeous and delicious-looking cake.
“At least it won’t be with me for long.”

0 thoughts on “Wednesday word doodle

  1. OK, do you have a “woman baking in her apron” fetish? I mean, if you do, that’s cool.

    Great story. I just wish the cake had been mine. Aaaaallll mine.

  2. miriam: The same sound you make for cake?

    mindy: You think I am going to write a little story about baking and NOT include an apron? Come on.

    mindy AGAIN: It wasn’t a very tall cake either.

    heather: I wouldn’t so much call it a fetish…

  3. So on the day I decide to stop eating you decide to write something about cake.

    And now all I can think about is cake.

    Way to sabotage me, DeWolf.

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