Webkinz and Me

This weekend The ACN was in town, so I was Uncle Pete-ing it right up. And, as per usual, that involved much playing of Webkinz.

She just added something new to her Webkinz account, a Webkinz Studio. You use it to make little movies.

So, The Monkey (you may remember her from this or this) decided that she and The ACN should make one. I was in the kitchen getting lunch ready, when I heard the giggling. I should have known that was a bad sign.

A few minutes later, the ACN yelled, “Unc!” So, I walked into the room to the two of them smiling. The Monkey said, “She wants to show you the movie we made.” Then she hit play.

The title came on the screen…

“Unc is a pain!”

Uh oh.

Two characters came on the screen. A dog named “Unc” and a cat named “[ACN.]”

Their dialogue went a little something like this:

Unc: “I am glad you called me a pain.”

ACN: “Don’t be a sookie, Unc.”

Unc: “Wah! Wah! *sniffle*”

ACN: “*sigh* Uncles.”

– fin –

Then real-life me gasped in horror. And they both giggled some more.

I went back to my cooking, but they must have felt bad, because a few minutes later I heard “Unc!”

Back I went, fully expecting to be exposed as the poophead that I am. However, this one was much different.

I was a knight! The ACN was a pop idol. And in this movie I rescued her from a dragon. At the end she thanked me and I told her that I had to go because, “I have a bunch of other people that I have to rescue from dragons.”

Apparently dragon slaying is something of a cottage industry in Webkinz world.

I’m not going to lie, the sequel took a bit of sting out of the original film.

However, I do get a bit humbled every time we log into Webkinz world. When we set up her account, I thought it would be amusing to set her password as “UncIsCute.” But, now every time we log in, and I say the password as a I type it, the ACN turns to me, smiles and shakes her head “No” very vigorously.

And then giggles.

A lot.

0 thoughts on “Webkinz and Me

  1. I asked The Monkey if it was possible to export them.

    She stared at me. Then exhaled loudly, trying to regain her patience.

    “No, Peter. You can not export them.”

    She shook her head and went back to playing.

  2. fyi- you are going to get A MILLION webkinz google searches now. It accounts for like 10% of my page views and I mentioned them only twice!

  3. lisa: That would be a nice change from some of the scary, scary google searches that currently lead people here.

    AL&AF: They are quite the little team. And you should see how great The Monkey is with The ACN. Melts my cold, cold stone-like heart.

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