weather or not

he didn’t see it
but he almost noticed
the far-off rumbled protestations
as he put left ahead of right
under a fittingly starless sky
for now
the tiniest of pebbles
stuck to the soles
of his shoes
to slow him down
to join in
his quest
he saw it
this time
lighting his path
the protestations grew louder
rain like afterthoughts
his near-constant companions
cooling the skin
if not the soul
he knew the star
if not his role
as wind kicked up
considering but
thinking better of
testing his resolve
sight and sound
arrived together
this time
with ferocious warning
he felt in his chest
as he ducked
he kept moving
breathing deeply
the air
smelling like
camping as a child
he adored the cliché
of a woman waiting
for a man
even if
she doesn’t know it

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