Wake me up, when September… begins.

I love September.

I think it all stems back to the first day of school when you are a kid. It’s new beginnings. Fresh starts.

And the possiblity of new cute girls in school.

I loved the beginning of the school year in university as well. Reunited with friends you didn’t see all summer. All going out to socialize together.

And the reality of new cute girls all over the place.

Even more important is that September is the start of the new TV season.

Well, I’m not sure if it is more important than new cute girls. But, it’s pretty damn close.

So, last night a couple of new shows premiered. One very good. And one groin-grabbingly bad.

The good was “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.” The bad was “The Class.”

We should start with “The Class,” because there is every chance that it will be cancelled before I finish this blog post.

To say that the characters are one-dimensional, would be rounding up by at least half a dimension. I realize that it is only a half hour pilot, but there wasn’t a single character that I cared about. Not even a little. And not one of the actors brought anything extra to their characters that would convince me to give the show a second chance.

The only one that is even close to having charisma is Andrea Anders from “Joey.” And she could do little to save that crapfest. Plus, I am reasonably sure that I only like her because she looks like she could be Lauren Graham’s blonde cousin.

We’ve seen all of these characters and scenarios a million times before. And they weren’t funny or interesting then. And when it tried to get serious at the end… Just painful.

The fact that people at CBS actually watched this pilot and still put it on the air is absolutely baffling.

The only possible explanation I can think of, is that creator David Crane parlayed his cachet from creating “Friends” into a big money deal with a guaranteed number of shows to be aired. (Apparently they hadn’t seen “Joey,” “Jesse” or “Veronica’s Closet.”)

There is another creator on “The Class,” but, to be honest, his name already escapes me and his list of credits is no more impressive than yours or mine.

An hour and a half after “The Class” aired, and while the bad taste was still in mouths, “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” premiered. Despite the awkward title, it was an impressive debut.

As would be expected from Aaron Sorkin, we were introduced to a world that seemed… fully formed. The characters had pasts and relationships with one another. Interesting stories had already started. And we felt like we were in the middle of all of it.

The writing was great. No shock there. I liked that the dialogue wasn’t quite as rapid-fire as we had seen on “The West Wing” and “Sports Night.” I’m not sure if this is by design, or just Sorkin having fewer chemicals in his system.

It’s hard to get too invested in characters in a pilot episode, but Matthew Perry’s character and Amanda Peet’s character both seemed to leap off the screen. And Perry was awesome. At times on “Friends” his “Chandler” was just… too much. His new “Matt Albie” character already seems as if it is going to give him much more to do than just make wisecracks. The character has some depth and darkness to it. I’m predicting a “Best Actor in a Drama” Emmy nomination at some point.

You heard it here first.

I highly recommend watching “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.” It had a very, very promising start.

Plus, uhm, I’ve read that Lauren Graham will be doing two episodes later this season. I’m just sayin’…

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  1. I love September, too. Here in New England we will soon have pretty colored leaves falling down. As far as the new TV season, I am looking forward to “Six Degrees.” i find the concept of six degrees of separation fascinating!

  2. Hi Rhea. A friend of mine has already seen the “Six Degrees” pilot and said that it was definitely promising. Created by JJ Abrams, no?

  3. I share your sentiments on The Class. My girlfriend and I have become fans of How I Met Your Mother so while waiting for that I went ahead and sat through The Class. Next week I won’t be watching that show but I’m going to give another series premiere, Heroes, a try.

  4. I have to agree with you Peter. Aside from being a lame plot to build on, the characters were very bland.

    Oddly enough, I also have to agree with your comments on Studio 60 (Ba-zing!) Very good pilot. I never watched any of Sorkin’s previous stuff, but I think this is something I will enjoy. Great possibilites for cameos as well.

    And I’m with James on How I Met Your Mother. It’s the only sitcom I watch (okay…I watch The War At Home too).

  5. “The Class” is shite? Do you know what that means?
    That means they’ll export it down here on the next friggin plane and bombard OUR TV screens with it.

    Australia is all about crappy TV. Fact.

  6. James: I love “How I Met Your Mother.” LOVE it.

    sara: Definitely a good show.

    Dave: You’ve just been waiting to take your revenge, eh? ;) If you get a chance, you should watch “Sports Night” on dvd. Brilliant.

    steph: Really? Well that is the sucky. Though this show is SO bad that it should be against many international laws to even try to export it.

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