vlog #2!

That’s right, suckas. You knew I couldn’t let that first fiasco be my only vlog attempt.

A few things…

1) No psychotic arm scratching in this one.
2) Replaced it with a tongue clicking thing. Which I don’t think I do in real life. Odd.
3) I swear. A couple of times.
4) I forgot a joke about how “vlog” is Swedish for “too lazy to type.”
5) The joke wasn’t actually funny.

As promised: mollythemoose.com

0 thoughts on “vlog #2!

  1. Wow…where to begin?

    First, I abhor incest, too. Wait, you said “insects?” No, I dig insects.

    Secondly, American Pie strummed lovingly on the guitar around a campfire is so much better than the regulation “Stairway to Heaven.”

    Finally, how could someone take being called a “slut” in the wrong way? That slut is either too sensitive or in denial.

    Loved the tongue clicking.

  2. It takes a strong man to admit that he likes peeing in the woods.

    You’ve also taught all women an important lesson: Look fugly while camping; else, spear through chest. Well done, Peter!

  3. That’s why I always wear wool sweaters with my cut off jean shorts when running away from my boyfriend after an argument, pre-makeout-session-on-a- table, while camping.

    Camping rules!

  4. Wow. Gmail had marked all of your comments as “spam.” Weird.

    I was feeling unloved. I should have known that you crazy camping-loving chicas would never neglect me so.

    kukka-maria: There is nothing worse than an overly senstive slut. *click*

    marina: I hate camping, but I like to help the ladies out when I can.

    erika: At least we can agree on the cut-off shorts though!

    sara: That’s just crazy talk.

    grins: That is odd. Seems to be working now.

    lauren:… :P

    steph: Thanks! I just thought that accents didn’t effect me. Like I was above an accent for some reason.

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