very rough draft but my cold has the upper hand now so you get what you get

i pull my hair
in the harsh
bathroom light
leaning into
the mirror
grey stubble
the words
like a little kid
on the high
diving board
need a push
i’m scribbling
i’m typing
i wonder
in the moments
in between
the moments
if i should be
learning new ways
to say it
or doing the best
with the skills
i’m bringing
i’m scribbling
i’m typing
and you smile
that smile
that breaks me
in the best possible way
i can’t even
describe how
your love
your love
is my clog
beause i want
it’s hard to imagine
any outfit looking better
than you do
in that towel
but it does
and you do
and i will
anything damn thing you want
I’m scribbling
i’m typing
to music
only i hear
so far

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1 Response

  1. Rene Foran says:

    even with a cold and grey stubble and all that snot that’s clogging up your passageways, snot that seems to be coming from a tank…even with all of that, you still got it. Keep scribblin.
    And I’m getting over a frickin’ ear infection…not that this is a contest or anything.

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