vernon st.

the light looked different
like reality was recorded
in some other
indefinable era

that’s always been something
i’ve noticed

the light

it’s not indiscriminate
it shines uniquely
for you

the swaying shadows
were the same
just grander
i suppose
forcing a coolness
not yet appreciated

i burst through

ah the legs of youth
incidentally muscled
lumbering through the possibilities of day
to get to
the frenetic kinetic of night

arrivals trump departures
unless you do them right

she danced
outside our painted-shut window
i didn’t ask why
i wondered
where she’d end up

who dances for her now

on twice-baked sidewalks
under maples
spilling out into
but friendly-once-you-get-to-now-them

the sound matches the pain

a purposefully hurled football
without notice

the strongest camaraderie has an unspoken edge

as years go by
the stories are told
the light shines brighter
in my eyes
the best disinfectant

beginnings disguise endings
so fucking do them right

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