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  1. Weird…I just finished V for Vendetta last night. And I kept wanting more from Natalie but she just doesn’t deliver. I’m not sure what it is…she just falls flat. Overall…the movie was okay but I’m glad I didn’t shell out $10 for a movie.

    BTW – I’m really digging your blog, video and written. ;-}

  2. LOL, I love the fact that you manage to wear that cap all of the time. Part of me thinks that you just bring it out of the closet just for photos/videos.

    V for Vendetta was really bad. I know a lot of people loved it, but I just never thought that it was a great movie.

    And, not necessarily more impressive, just plagued with the fact that (like you said), it seemed at the time like she was going to become something more and never did.

  3. purplestew: Thanks for the kind words! Later this week I’ll bust out some interpretive dance.

    stormin’: I feel naked without a baseball cap. (Not in a fun way.) Though I think it might be time for a new one. I did eventually watch the movie. I thought it was okay. But, my expectations were very low. And I loved Portman’s hair up until… the unpleasantness.

  4. Interpretative dance? That seals it: you're my first cyber crush. (BTW- it's much better than crushes in the days of yore when reading somebody's journal fell in the shady grey area between 'felony breaking & entering' and 'misdemeanor shenanagins'.) I absolutely love your writing style.

    BTW- if you switch, do keep in mind that Red Sox caps are quite fetching.

  5. So I paid the AU$15 to see “V for Vendetta” at the cinema.

    $15 for two hours or so that I won’t get back.

    Oh the disappointment. And not a single peice of eye candy to take my mind off the fact that this movie just wasn’t delivering on it’s (vague) promise. Why, oh why, didn’t I remember that this was a movie from the same guys who created the sequels to “The Matrix”? Most especially “Matrix Reloaded”…

    And I like the vlog – mainly coz I love the accent. *grin* Keep ’em coming, I say!

  6. purplestew: peterdewolf.com is all about bringing new and exciting things to the internet. ;)

    kara: Awww. Thanks! I think my noggin would completely reject a Sox hat. Though I owned one once… briefly. Long sordid story.

    misse: I saw it for free. I ended up not hating it as much as I expected. It was okay. But my expectations were also VERY low. And hopefully I’ll be less slack with the vlogging from now on.

    binsk: Hi! With all due respect, people asking you for shirtless surprises me much less than people asking me.

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