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  1. JenBun says:

    My niece doesn’t sit still long enough to cuddle. But she does still like to be carried, so you may have something with this Cuddle Walking!

    I got in trouble and was put on timeout for 57 hours (!) in the dark, with no toys. My mom finally came and rescued me and asked my niece, “Why is JenBun on timeout?”

    “She said shit.”

    I totally didn’t!

  2. MissE says:

    no need to wonder where Poo Poo aka Kitty Cat aka the ACN gets her devious ability to cleverly manipulate her relatives…

  3. Gail says:

    Hi Peter-
    This is off-topic and you don’t know me, but do you know what’s going on with IndieBloggers and/or JurgenNation?


  4. Ink Monkey Sweatshop says:

    Those lyrics sure beat anything Nickleback has ever written.

  5. mindy says:

    Poo poo?

    Um. Did you lie to her and tell her that means something other than “fecal matter”? Not nice. No wonder she wants to go back to the Unc store!

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