it’s like this
nature abhors a vaccuum
and i don’t like it
fucking quite that much
you see
she’s going to try
to fill your shoes
some day
and i don’t like her
but at all
you know
get me started
on him
some goddamn lesser guy
i’m even jealous
now already
of some other version of me
living the day
i was promised
so often
but now
it’s hollow fantasy
can i hug you
to be hugged by you
because when
i nap to vacation from the feelings
once i open my eyes
they’re gathered
in my bed
there’s no room
with all the echoes
of nights we’ll
never get to see
the warmth
has been stolen
by what was taken
for granted
as coming true one day
so when
i nap to vacation from the feelings
i close my eyes
it’s really all i can see





photo credit: rwoan via photopin cc